Each year we organize an event unlike any other in the world, based on the bestselling book of the same name and situated at the cutting edge where the water meets our minds.

The wide ranging topics of conversation at the past five Blue Mind Summits have included the science of addiction, advocacy, anxiety, art, awe, behavior change, childhood, compassion, consumption, creativity, diving, economics, empathy, evolution, exploration, extreme sports, floating, healing, food, geography, gratitude, language, light, love, marketing, memory, mindfulness, movement, music, nostalgia, photography, plastic pollution, poetry, politics, post traumatic stress, swimming, taste, urbanism, virtual reality, vision, wonder, youth...all considered through a water lens by some of the world's leading brain scientists, explorers, advocates and artists.

But this isn't just some touchy-feely, new-agey gathering.

It's an event where what really drives us, motivates us and concerns us is shared in the context of some of the most relevant, hardest and coolest science of our time.

Yes, there are hugs too.

That's what makes Blue Mind Summits different, memorable and conversation-changing.

This year at the 6th Annual Blue Mind Summit with the help of a stellar group of panelists and facilitators we'll go even deeper and discuss the neuroscience of play, happiness, romance, success, peace and freedom right where these topics intersect with the water world around us.

The stories, connections and science will blow your blue mind.

Join us as a partner, sponsor or attendee on May 18-20 at Asilomar. You'll be very glad you did.

Gloria Olimpio, Blue Mind Mediterranean Liaison

Dianne Talbert

Anne Doubilet

Gloria Olimpio, Blue Mind Mediterranean Liaison